Cody Rocamontes Inc. (CRI)


Why We’re Here

Cody David Rocamontes lost his life doing what he loved- skateboarding. He was killed by a car on his way to skate his favorite spot behind a retail store. Cody should have had a safe place to skate. He was just 15.

Who We Are

CRI, a 501(c)3 Texas Non-Profit Corporation, was formed after Cody’s death in 2009. We honor his memory by doing all we can to educate the community on safe, legal skate practices while continuing to move forward with a skatepark in Arlington.

What We Do

CRI has partnered with the City of Arlington and its community to address a critical need and support city’s efforts to build a skatepark. CRI’s mission is to raise contributing funds, as well as act as a liaison between the city and community, to ensure the resources are put to the best use.

Why Build a Free Public Skatepark?

ISafety – Our kids deserve a safe place to participate in their sport of choice, whether traditional sports or action sports, such as skateboarding and BMX.

  • Popularity – Skateboarding began in the 1950s and is the fastest growing sport in the U.S. with a higher growth of participation than baseball, basketball, and football. Of all sports played worldwide, skateboarding is ranked 6th in terms of total participants.
  • Equality – No memberships, no dues, no exclusions. By providing a free, public skate open to all, the city, its residents, and its youth benefit.
  • Legitimacy – As a legal place to ride, skateparks eliminate street skating, which can result in the destruction of property and unnecessary court time. Skateparks also ease ticketing that ties up resources and becomes problematic for residents, including the children and their parents.

Learn more about The Facts and The Plan.