Funding and Tony Hawk Grant

Ensuring Arlington’s Future Today

Let’s Build a Skatepark!

The City of Arlington, the SPAC, and CRI have agreed that CRI will funds for a skateboarding facility that the city is unable to allocate until at least 2014. Therefore, CRI’s goal is to continue with fundraisers and grant solicitation in order to raise $50,000 needed to begin construction on the first neighborhood skatepark project. Future plans include seeking sponsorship for areas of the skatepark(s), such as selling bricks that line walkways and subtle advertisements within the park itself. In addition CRI will commit to funds matching after demonstrating feasibility.

Tony Hawk Foundation Grant!

The Tony Hawk Foundation’s mission seeks to foster lasting improvement in society, with an emphasis on supporting and empowering youth. Their rigorous process and qualifications ensure that grants are allocated based on need and are given to public charities that meet their high standards. The Tony Hawk Foundation has generously provided CRI with a grant to build a free, public skatepark in Arlington. But we need your help to break ground and apply the grant funds. For more information please contact us.